Partners van Haarlem Business Plaza

Space Horizon

  • Duindoornlaan 24
  • 2015 LB
  • Haarlem

Over Space Horizon

Space Horizon aims to make Space available for everybody. By being involved in New Space movements like suborbital space tourism, private planetary space exploration missions and being involved in the new planetary research activities in the Netherlands, Space Horizon wants to be an active partner in new initiatives and wants to provide sincere and to-the point advice for future space projects.

Space Horizon offers a complete package of being involved in technical, organisational and outreach part of new space projects. Through enthousiasm, technical expertise and dedicated work, Space Horizon can become a serious partner in your efforts to open up Space further!

Partners van Haarlem Business Plaza

Haarlem Business Plaza is een initiatief van Business Plaza Nederland in samenwerking met de regio Haarlem. De regio biedt met Haarlem Business Plaza alle Haarlemse ondernemers een platform om zich te profileren.

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